Know Your Rights

by Friend or Foe

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released December 1, 2012



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Friend or Foe Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Victimize
With time I've realized that people, like you-like me we're fighting through hard times for peace that we'll never see.
A STRUGGLE to stay alive, NO FREEDOM you wont survive.
The laws that you live by, refuse them and pay the price.

Open your eyes and look around
Take control and burn it to the ground
Its time to see you're true loyalty
Step right up and sign your name

Think you've beat them? Well they're beating you.
Taking every inch until they're through.
Track Name: Built to Last
We come in thousands, united and strong.
We're outcasts that don't belong.
Try to shape us and change our minds
We'll walk together, not follow blind.

Point your fingers cuz' we're not like you
When the lights go out we'll still shine through.
Just when you thought you had us caught, your plan was shot.
We're not the ones who get caught in your web.
Track Name: No Gimmicks
Companionship in your eyes is turning your back and severing all ties.
I believed in you, did what I could do.
It's too late. You've fallen, you failed me, and now you're through.

All the memories are to the floor.
No second chances.
Friend or foe. Theres the fucking door.
Track Name: Know Your Rights
Society wont look at me.
I'm the constant suspect, and constant victim.
Unlike you. Born with a choice.
Your money talks 'cuz you have no voice.
Fake your pride through your crooked smile
You walk the line but in single file.

Through blood and sweat, I pay my dues to keep living.
And I'll never come close to you.
You're the scum, who lives in spite.
You think you're free, but I know your rights.